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EuroKingson, Packaging Solutions

Eurokingson is a company of soft packaging distribution company in the Italian and European market.

Eurokingson stems from a patnership chain between a leading manufacturer of POF shrink film in the petrolifer region of Shandong and an Italian commercial network with twenty years of experience in the European plastic packaging market.

The company is located in the metropolitan of Turin and it offers to its customers products of high quality wich are the results of a constant process of improvement of the methods of production and technical innovation develloped in recent years due to massive investments in Research & Development.

It the desire to be more competitive in a European market which increasingly dynamic and complex Eurokingson made possible the devellopement of POF shrink film dedicated to the needs of our continent.

After some years of effort and experimentation, Eurokingson is now able to offer a complete range of shrink film assorted 5 types of products: EK-1 SHRINK STANDARD, EK HOT SLIP SLIDING TO SHRINK HEAT, EK PLUS SHRINK SHRINK WITH LOW TEMPERATURE, EK superthin SHRINK ULTRA-THIN AND EK CROSSLINK SHRINK IRRADIATED.

The selection of Eurokingson is designed to serve all sectors and the needs of the packaging, from food to cosmetics industry, from automotive to pharmaceutical, so on .. taking into account all the quality and safety requirements of the industrial field of packaging.
To provide better packaging solutions to our customers Eurokingson invested money and efforts in qualitative research of stretch film whose safety and production is guaranteed by International Certifications ISO, SGS and FDA, because the goal of our company is to high quality products with lower costs in order to contribute to our costumers success.